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Terms & Conditions



The number of participants to the Round Table Euroskimeeting 2023 (further called "RT Euroskimeeting“ or "Organizer") is limited. Please note that we follow the principle "first came, first served" when accepting registrations. 

After submitting the booking form (, you will receive an email that is your provisional confirmation until we have received your payment. Note that only paid bookings are valid. Without payment in time, we cannot definitely confirm your participation. Because of a possible refusal of the registration no liability can be asserted towards the organizer.



  1. The packages included can be looked up at All special wishes exceeding these packages will be considered by the organizer whenever possible and are guaranteed only by written confirmation. Extra fees / costs such as luggage service, parking in hotel, phone, films, dishes and drinks, etc. are charged to the participant directly. In case ski pass rates increase due to changes in VAT or inflation linked to the energy crisis, the additional costs will be on top of the indicated prices and be charged to the participants accordingly.

  2. The participants of RT Euroskimeeting are accommodated in the 4-star Hotel Hameau du Kashmir as far as beds are available and bookings are completed before deadline. Please note that half week accommodations are limited. Full week bookings are preferred.

  3. Regulations for cancellations are as follows:
    - up to 90 days before the meeting (before December, 18th, 2022): free of charge
    - 90 to 75 days before the meeting: 30 % of the fee
    - 74 to 50 days before the meeting: 50 % of the fee
    - from 50 days before the meeting (after January 25th, 2023) : 100 % of the fee

  4. Cancellation free of charge is possible at any time under the following Covid-19-circumstances: 
    - Closure of the hotel for the dates of your stay (if the closure occurs during the stay, the unused nights will be refunded to you),
    - Closure of the resort and/its ski lifts at the time of your stay (if this occurs during the stay, the nights and services not used will be refunded to you)
    - Closing of the boarders of your country and/or France on the dates of your stay
    - If a quarantine or confinements is imposed on you. (If quarantine is decreed in your country during your stay and you have to leave our establishment, the unused  nights will be refunded to you.

  5. Payments are to be settled exclusively to the following account:
    IBAN: FR76 3000 3023 6200 0500 7897 009
    Recipient: Club 41 Strasbourg 234

  6. IMPORTANT: Put your booking number into the text. Payments must be submitted in Euros (EUR) and any payment expenses have to be debited to the sender.


  1. The organizer is not liable for possible damages of any property by the participants. In case of vandalism, abstraction of property or contravention by the participants further accommodation can be refused.

  2. The organizer assumes only liability for damages which originate from gross negligence or intention by the organizer itself. The injured person has to claim within 6 months from knowledge of the damage. A possible liability limits itself exclusively on the part of the organizers carried out activities.

  3. During the whole period of the event the organizer does not ensure accident insurance and/or health insurance protection for the participants. Every participant is committed to provide insurance for such risks.

  4. A possible personal compensation duty of the participants is not insured by the organizer. Every participant himself must arise for possible damages of a third person.

  5. All participants have to operate at the various activities in such a way that they endanger nobody or do no harm.

  6. Every participant explains with obliging registration to be physically fit enough so that no health danger arises.

  7. Possible changes of the schedule are announced on the internet at The organizer reserves himself possible program modifications of every kind. Because of a relevant change no liability can be asserted towards the organizer.

  8. Legal venue / Applicable right: All disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement, independent on which legal basis shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of a French Court. French law shall govern.

  9. If one or several terms of these reservation terms and conditions of participation conditions are or become legally ineffective, this shall have no effect on the other terms. In this case the ineffective term gets immediately replaced by one which serves the purpose of the ineffective term as closely as possible. The same shall apply in the case of gaps in this agreement.

  10. The conditions of participation and reservation terms are also valid for possible legal successors.

  11. The participants explain with obliging registration to have read the conditions of participation and reservation terms and to agree completely with them.

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